Cybersecurity Consulting

Translating technical vulnerabilities into real impacts to your bottom line is not a well-developed skill set in cybersecurity. While traditional assessments such as pen testing can provide a snapshot of the myriad technical vulnerabilities resident in your organization, Decision Point Analytics provides deeper insight to identify how threat actors might manipulate soft spots to impact your business functions and produce financial loss. Presenting this information in a clear and meaningful way allows our clients to reduce the potential for significant damage to their businesses.

“Overall, 45% of those surveyed described their ability to catalog, assess and mitigate cyber risk as “non-existent,” or “ad hoc” and only 24% reported that they are mature in this domain. The inability to quantify their Cyber Risk Appetite (the risks they face and the potential impacts on their organizations) makes it difficult to prioritize mitigation and investment, a foundational activity for any organization looking to improve their security and risk posture.” — RSA study

Decision Point Analytics combines over 20 years experience in cyber operations, intelligence analysis, software development, and executive leadership to provide experiential insight into how cyber operations can impact your business. Our consulting services focus on understanding your business, including its functions, assets, supply chains and people, to map cyber threat vectors against the impacts hackers hope to achieve. Our consultants tap into decades of government, academic, and private sector experience to provide useful and tailored guidance to help managers and executives more easily navigate the complex and ever-changing cyber environment.