Executive Education

We believe in creating cyber “translators”– people who can communicate complex, technical information in an accessible way.

We train people to understand the threat, the range of possible organizational impacts, and how to assess and articulate those risks to business leaders and policy makers using our proprietary framework. Our approach has been utilized by universities, the U.S. and foreign governments, and in the private sector to assess, discuss, and visually model integrated risk in complex organizations and critical infrastructure.

Decision Point Analytics’ executive education experiences are lead by an instructor who has deep expertise in cyber operations and experience teaching at one of the nation’s premier research universities. Our custom courses in cyber effects and the assessment of enterprise cyber risk are designed to expose managers, executives, and board members to the threats, tactics, and effects hackers can have on your business. We focus on providing useful conceptual and practical tools for your leaders so that they may better understand the dynamic and complex actions taken by threat actors.

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